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Steps for incorporation of one person company

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Steps for incorporation of one person company


In today’s era, registration of one person company ( one man company ) can be proved as a boon for the young entrepreneur, as he/ she gets full choice to expand and take the decision into its business according to his/ her wish subject to proper compliances of applicable laws within the stipulated time period.

However, this is the half story of the film; incorporation of OPC can be proved as a nightmare right procedure for registration of one person company is not being followed by an individual. To avoid such a situation, an effort has been made to lay down step by step procedure for registration or incorporation of one person company in India. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Apply DSC for director and subscriber

The first step to register anyone Person Company is to apply for class two digital signature certificate, for which following information and documents are required:

  1. Self-attested copy of Permanent Account Number (PAN);
  2. Self-attested copy of Aadhar Card’
  3. Photo;
  4. Email ID;
  5. Mobile No.;
  6. Signed DSC Application form
Step -2: Apply for Name Approval

The next step for incorporation of One Person Company after getting class two DSC is to apply for a name with MCA. Herein, the applicant has to login to the MCA portal and click on RUN Form in MCA Services tab. This is the foremost form to be submitted with ROC for reservation of name of the proposed one person company. Under the RUN form, following information to be inserted:

  • (i) Entity type (OPC, Private, Public, Section 8);
  • (ii) CIN Number (where the existing company name is to be changed);
  • (iii) Proposed names (two names can be mentioned at one time);
  • (iv) Comment (details of object clause needs to be mentioned here)
  • (v) Choose file, if any;

After that, click on the submit button and make payment of Rs. 1,000/-. Note: New name applied is valid for 20 days from the date of reservation of name by the authority. During such period all the document for incorporation of the company is required to be filed.

However, in case of change of name of an existing company, it is being valid for a period of 60 days from the date of reservation of name of the company.

Further note that RUN form is not mandatory, when the name is so unique, that it the chances of resemblance is zero. In such situation, one can directly file E-form Spice with e-moa and e-aoa.

Step 3: Documents for registration of OPC Once the name of OPC is approved by the ROC, following documents and information needs to be finalized:
  1. INC-9- Declaration by the Director and subscriber of shares;
  2. DIR-2- Declaration by the person agreed to act as Director along with any proof of identity and residential proof;
  3. Copy of Rent Agreement in the name director and promoter etc (If the proposed registered office of the company is on lease);
  4. NOC from the landlord of the property taken on lease for registered office;
  5. Copy of utility bill of registered office(not older than 2 months) like telephone, gas, electricity bill)
  6. Self-attested copy of proof of identity of Director and shareholder i.e. PAN and Election card/ Passport/ Aadhar Card
  7. Self-attested copy of Residential Proof of Director and shareholder i.e. Bank Statement, mobile bill, electricity bill etc. not older than 2 months;
  8. As only one person is acting as director and shareholder, so in the case of One Person Company, nominee also needs to be appointed. For that Form INC-3 for the appointment of nominee and copy of his self attested PAN and Aadhar Card is needs to be submitted.
Step 4: E-Form INC-32, 33, & 34

After finalization of above said documents and information’s, applicant needs to proceed to file Spice Form 32 wherein requisite above information and documents are to be attached. Fill E-MOA under form INC-33- fill all the requisite object clause and other information’s and subscriber sheet and get the same digitally signed by the sole subscriber;

Fill E-AOA under form INC-34- fill all the requisite details and get the form signed digitally by the sole subscriber

Spice is a Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically (SPICe) – with mandatory PAN & TAN application included. It is an integrated form with the facility to process PAN a TAN application simultaneously.

Step-5: file form with MCA Portal

 Once the aforesaid forms are finalized and digitally signed by the subscriber and professional, proceed to file the same with MCA portal after login.

The government has relaxed payment of Government fees for Companies upto Authorised Capital of Rs. 15 lakh. Such Companies need to pay stamp duty on MOA and AOA and PAN, TAN application fees.

Once the fees are paid, the application is scrutinized and processed.

Step-6: Certificate of Incorporation

 Once the ROC is satisfied that all the information’s and documents are in order, it will issue the certificate of incorporation.


Hope after reading this article, you get the broader idea with respect to process and steps involved in the registration of the private limited company in India.  We, at Complianceship, have experience of more than 4 years in successful registration of OPC. We provide full fledge assistance in successful registration of OPC and contribute indirectly to achieve success and accomplish goals. In case of any clarification or assistance please feel free to contact us at 8010233173 or complianceship@gmail.com and contact@complianceship.com

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