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Shop & Establishment Registration



The Shop and Establishment Act is the Act applicable to all the premises which are indulge in any business or rendering any services. Every state has its own Shop and Establishment Act and are governed by the Labour Department of the State. The Act basically enacted for the welfare of labour and to avoid their harassment. Hence, this Act provides for the time of minimum working hours, opening and closing hours, interval hours, holidays etc. Except factories, every premises wherein commercial transaction are being carried out including Societies, Trust and Charitable Institutions etc. are also governed by Shop and Establishment. The employer needs to obtain this registration by submitting an application to the Department of Labour stating the nature of work and number of employees appointed. Every shop wherein any trade, business and profession are carried out is required to make an application to the Chief Inspector of the Labour Department for registration. In case of closure, also they need to inform about closure with in 15 days of closure of the Shop. After reviewing the request, the Chief Inspector shall proceed for closure and can remove the shop or commercial establishment from the register and cancel the registration certificate.

What will you

  • Preparation of Documents;
  • Shop and Establishment License;
  • 24/7 help to assist you to use DSC

Details required

For Registration

  • Name of the employer
  • Address of the Shop
  • Nature of work
  • Date of commencement
  • Number of employees
  • Telephone number and Email ID