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ROC Compliances





Every Company in India, after its incorporation has to needs to comply basic mandatory compliances as per the Companies Act, 2013 such as conducting minimum number of Board Meetings, AnnualĀ  Filing of the documents etc. All such compliances are required to be followed by all the Companies. Any non compliance will result in payment of huge penalties and fines and in some cases. We hereby provide services not only related to maintenance of minutes books and annual filing but also provide for maintenance of statutory registers, annual filing of financial documents and annual return, record and maintenance of transfer of shares.In order to stay compliant and to be free from all the headaches of compliance follow up, we provides you the service of time to time compliance which include inter alia:

  1. Maintenance of Statutory Register
  2. Preparation of Notices and agenda for meetings
  3. Preparation of Minutes
  4. Drafting of all types of resolutions
  5. Simple E-filing of forms and its attachment
  6. Transfer of shares
  7. Annual Filing
  8. Regular important updates

As being the Corporate Professionals, we aim at better transparency and governance. The cost of Regular ROC compliances from Complianceship depends on the frequency of work. The more the compliances, the lesser is the overall cost. The minimum cost for ROC Compliances is Rs. 11,999/- (Government fees on actual basis, wherever required)

What will you get in

  • Proper Compliances of documents
  • Duly certified filled Forms along with paid challan
  • Maintenance of Statutory Register
  • Preparation of Notices and agenda for meetings
  • Preparation of Minutes
  • Drafting of all types of resolutions
  • Simple E-filing of forms and its attachment
  • Transfer of shares
  • Annual Filing
  • Regular important updates
  • Liasioning with the department
  • 24*7 help to assist you



  • Faster processing
  • Easy access for assistance
  • Lowest rate with best services
  • Save your time
  • Confidentiality of information
  • No Hidden Charges
  • MSME Registered
  • 24*7 Expert assistance

ROC Compliance

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Minimum Compliance includes: - Disclosure of interest of director - Preparation and filling of financial statement and annual return - Maintenance of statutory register - Maintenance of minute book - ROC annual filling The above list is not inclusive as some event based transaction needs to be entered upon.
Ans. Not all the documents mentioned above needs to be filed to the department. However, few documents such as annual filling forms etc needs to be filled annually with the Registrar of Companies.
Ans. Few benefits of retainership for ROC Compliances are as follows: - Time to time updates - Timely compliances - No imposition of additional fees - 24*7 support - Smooth working of business - Easy access to drafts documents - Maintenance of statutory register and documents