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Change of Registered Office


Change of

Registered office

The Registered office of the Company means a place which is the Principal place of business of a Company. As per the provision of Companies Act, 2013, every company shall mention the address of its registered office in all its letterheads, publications etc. A Company can change its registered office provided it shall file all the necessary form with the Concerned ROC (Registrar of Companies)as an intimation of change. In case of new company, the Company shall furnish verification of its registered office to ROC within 30 days of its incorporation in e-form INC-22 along with fee. In case of change of registered office, a company needs to intimate to ROC, we, Complianceship.com, help you to smoothly comply the law for aforesaid purpose. Change of registetered office

  1. Within the local limits of the City where registered office is situated- By passing Board Resolution
  2. Within the same state outside the local limits- By passing special resolution (SR)
  3. Outside the state under same ROC- By passing Special Resolution with Regional Director approval
  4. Outside the state under different ROC-  By passing Special Resolution with Regional Director approval

What will you get in

  • Duly certified filled Form along with paid challan
  • Board resolution
  • Minutes of the Board meeting
  • Liasioning with the department
  • 24/7 mail support
  • Free consultancy from experts



  • Faster processing
  • Easy access for assistance
  • Save your time
  • Confidentiality of information
  • No hidden fee



  • Copy of Utility bill (Electricity Bill, Phone Bill, Mobile Bill, Bank Statement etc) not older then 2 months;
  • Duly notarised Rent agreement with rent receipt in case the property is rented
  • Lease deed; or Ownership proof in case owned
  • No Objection Certificate from the Owner

*This list is applicable only in case of shifting of registered office within the same city.

Change Registered Address

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. There are four situation which amounts to change in registered office: Shifting within the local limit of the city Shifting within the limits of same ROC but different city (applicable only in Haryana and Punjab) Shifting within the same state but different ROC (applicable to Maharastra only) Shifting from one state to another state.
Ans. Following documents are required: Board Resolution Utility Bill Notarized Rent Agreement or ownership proof if the same is self owned.
Ans. The Government fees depends upon the authorised capital of the Company.
Ans. The address is changed immediately once Form INC-22 is uploaded.
Ans. Only Board approval is required. Hence, no general meeting is to be conducted.
Ans. Except for change of registered office within the city in the local limits, approval of government is required in all other case.
Ans. With effect from 02.11.2018, additional power has been vested to ROC to physically verify the premises of the Company for which it has a reasonable cause to believe that the Company is not operational and to initiate the process of removal in case of default of Section 12 (1) on its physical verification.