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Documents required for registration of an OPC

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Documents Required for OPC

Documents required for registration of an OPC

Incorporation of one Person Company can be done if the filing of documentation and information is followed by the applicant. An attempt has been made to provide a consolidated article on the list of documents/ details required to be collected to file an application for incorporation of One Person Company. A consolidated checklist not only reduces the number of communication but also minimizes the time consumed in filling an application.

Details to be taken care of while applying for name reservation of OPC
  • 1. Name to be applied for: For easy processing of the application, the applicant should apply for a name which is unique or do not resemble with an existing name. This will help to save a lot of time involved in speeding up the incorporation process.
  • 2. NOC of Trademark owner, if any: If the name resembles an existing trademark, in such case no objection of the registered owner is to be attached to avoid infringement.
  • 3. The object of the Company: The object to be pursued by the Company needs to be specified in the memorandum and accordingly PAN TAN application is to be made. Further note that, OPC are prohibited to enter into the business of NBFC’s. Hence such clause should not be covered under MOA.
  • 4. Office address: Though it is not mandatory but is advisable to finalize the place of business at the time of filing of the application. This will help to reduce the burden of filling additional form post incorporation.
  • 5. Authorized Capital of the business: The Authorized Capital should be up to Rs. 50 lakh to incorporate an OPC. Further, to promote ease of doing business in India, Government fees for capital up to Rs. 15 lakh has been waived off.

Self Attested Documents of Subscribers, Directors and Nominee The following self-attested documents of the applicant i.e. subscribers, directors as well as the nominee are required to be attached in the form:

  • 1. Photo of the Subscriber/ Director/ Nominee
  • 2. Self-attested copy of PAN of the Subscriber/ Director/ Nominee
  • 3. Any other ID proof- Voters Identity Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Aadhar
  • 4. Self-attested copy of Utility bill- Bank / Electricity Bill/ Telephone bill/ Mobile bill (not older than 2 months)
  • 5. Office Address Proof with utility bill – electricity bill, mobile bill, telephone bill etc. (not older than two months)

Details of the Subscriber, Director and Nominee A lot of details of the subscriber, director and nominee are to be filed in the form. Though a lot of information is available through attested documents, few details are to be provided by the applicant themselves. The details to be provided by the applicant and nominee are as follows:

  • 1. Place of Birth
  • 2. Occupation
  • 3. Mobile No.
  • 4. Email ID
  • 5. Education Qualification

Other Documents required Apart from this few declaration and consent are to be provided by the Applicant as well as the Nominee. This declaration and consent to be in the specified format as given under law. The documents are as follows:

  • 1. DIR-2: DIR-2 is the consent of a person to act as the director and contains minimum information about the proposed director.
  • 2. Declaration from subscribers: Declaration to be given by the subscribers that they have not been convicted or held guilty and declare that the information provided by them is true and correct.
  • 3. Declaration from Directors: A similar declaration is also to be obtained from the first directors of the Company stating that they are eligible to be appointed as the directors of the Company.
  • 4. Consent of Nominee: Consent of nominee is also to be attached to ensure that the consent has been actually given by the nominee and he shall act on behalf of the member on his death or incapacity to act.

This ready reference for a list of information and documents so prepared will not only reduce the time required for incorporation but will help the stakeholders to easily incorporate and own an OPC. For more information on the list of documents, feel free to connect with us 8010233173 or complianceship@gmail.com and contact@complianceship.com

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