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Trademark Registration


Trademark Registration

Understand Trademark

A trademark is a mark or signs which create the visual identity of a business. Trademark in India is a distinct identity of your product or service which the consumer can identify among the varieties available to them. Your identity could be in the form of a logo, sign, heading, graphic, slogan, design, signature, word, letter, or combination of colors or any combination thereof. Once you register a trademark then it helps the customer to recognize your product or service and which helps the business owner to create their brand and earn loyalty. Trademark registration prevents your competitor to copy your Trade Name. Trademark registration in India gives you exclusive ownership over the mark and you can use Trademark symbol ™ after filing application and Trademark symbol ® can be used after final registration of your trademark. We at complianceship, helps the business owner to register their mark or names with Trademark authority.

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Benefits of

Trademark Registration

Exclusive Identity

Registered Trademark gives your product logo a unique identity amongst other products available.

Promotional Tool

Sooner or later public start recognising your product.

Brand Value

It works as awareness about the product which leads to create the brand value.

Assets creation

Once trademark is registered, it becomes a life time asset.

Trademark Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Each class specify certain goods or service under which a person can get its trade name registered.
Ans. Yes, Trademark is registered for a period of 10 years. Thereafter the same needs to be renewed before the expiry of period laid down in the law.
Ans. After filing an application with trademark authority, we may start using the word TM with our trade name.
Ans. It will be considered as registered trade name when it will be published by the trade mark authority in its trademark journal.
Ans. Yes, it can be sold to any other person, as and when owner of trademark desire, after complying with procedure laid down in the law.