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Steps for registration of private limited company

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Steps for registration of private limited company

Steps for registration of private limited company


In today’s era, incorporation of a private limited company can be considered as a boon for the young entrepreneur, where he gets enough liberty to expand its business subject to timely compliances of applicable laws. As the chances of getting funding from a financial institution and private equity player are much higher in case of a private limited company as compare to the proprietorship or partnership etc. However, this is only one side of the coin, registration of private limited company can be proved as a curse for the young entrepreneur if the proper procedure is not being followed. Here, under this article, compliances will discuss the step by step to be followed for incorporation of a private company.

Step 1: Acquire DSC for directors and subscribers

One of the foremost work a person is required to do in order to register a private limited company is to apply for Class Two digital signature of proposed Directors and Shareholders. Following information and documents are required for class two DSC:

  • A. Photo
  • B. PAN
  • C. Aadhar
  • D. Email ID
  • E. Mobile No.
All the above document should be self-attested by the user. Step -2: Apply for Name Approval
  • A. Login to MCA Portal

Applicant has to login to the MCA portal and clicks on RUN Form in MCA Services tab. This is the preliminary form to be filed while applying for name reservation. This form can’t be downloaded. and following below-mentioned details needs to be filed in such form:

  • (i) Entity type (OPC, Private, Public, Section 8);
  • (ii) CIN Number (in case the form is being filed for the purpose of change of name of company);
  • (iii) Proposed names (two names can be mentioned at one time)
  • (iv) Comment (details of object clause needs to be mentioned here)
  • (v) Choose file, if any.;
Thereafter, click on the submit button and make the payment of Rs. 1,000/-. <br Note: new name applied for is reserved for a period of 20 days from the date of reservation of name by the authority. Further, in case of change of existing company name, it is being valid for a period of 60 days from the date of reservation of name of the company. Step 3: Preparation of documents for registration of Private Limited Company

Once the name of the proposed private company is being approved by the registrar of companies, the applicant has to start the process of preparation and finalization of the following documents:

  1. INC-9- Declaration by the Directors and subscriber of shares;
  2. DIR-2- Declaration by the person agreed to act as Director along with any proof of identity and residential proof;
  3. Copy of Rent Agreement in the name director and promoter etc (If the proposed registered office of the company is on lease);
  4. NOC from the landlord of the property taken on lease for registered office;
  5. Copy of utility bill of registered office(not older than 2 months) like telephone, gas, electricity bill)
  6. Self-attested copy of proof of identity of Directors and shareholders i.e. PAN and Election card/ Passport/ Aadhar Card
  7. Self-attested copy of Residential Proof of Director and shareholders i.e. Bank Statement, mobile bill, electricity bill etc. not older than 2 months;
  Step 4: fill the information in E-Form INC-32, 33, & 34

1. Once the aforesaid and information’s are ready with the applicant, proceed to file Spice Form 32 wherein requisite information and documents are to be attached. 2. Fill E-MOA under form INC-33- fill all the requisite object clause and other information’s and subscriber sheet and get the same digitally signed by all the subscriber. 3. Fill E-AOA under form INC-34- fill all the requisite details and get the form signed digitally by all the subscribers.

Step-5: file form with MCA Portal

Once the aforesaid forms are finalized and digitally signed by the subscribers and professional, proceed to file the same with MCA portal after login.

Step-6: Certificate of Incorporation

Once the ROC is get satisfied that all the information’s and documents are in order, it will issue the certificate of incorporation.


Hope after reading this article, you get the broader idea with respect to process and steps involved in the registration of private limited company in India. We, at complainceship, having the experience of more than 9 years of registering a private limited company in India, provide full fledge assistance to the entrepreneur in registering his/ her private limited company without any hassle and help them in achieving their dreams. In case of any clarification or assistance

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