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Conversion of Private Limited Company into LLP




A private limited company is the company, where the primary source of funds is from the owners and the relatives of the owners of the company only and not from outsiders.As they are economical in nature and there is no dilution of control of the owner.It is a voluntary association of at least two and not more than 200 members, whose liability is limited. Whereas, LLP is a unique form of legally recognized corporate entity, which integrates the features of both the limited corporations and the traditional partnership firms. As it is a unique Hybrid Combination of both Company and Partnership, this LLP is especially suitable for small to medium-sized business enterprises and professionals particularly. Further as compare to Private Limited Company, cost of maintaining LLP is very in the Limited Liability Partnership, and some time is become essential and beneficial to convert private limited company into LLP. We, at Complainceship, having the experience of more than 10 years of converting Private Ltd. Company into LLP, provide full fledge assistance to the entrepreneur in converting its private Company into LLP without any hassle and help them in achieving their dreams.

What will you get in

  • DPIN of the partners
  • Name search facility
  • LLP Agreement& other documents required for conversion
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • PAN/ TAN
  • Liasioning with the department
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Complete Compliance for conversion



  • Faster processing
  • Expert assistance
  • Save your time
  • Confidentiality of information
  • 24*7 E-mail assistance



  • Self attested Pan card copy
  • Self attested Aadhar Card copy/Driving License/ Voter ID Card
  • NOC from owner for using the premises as registered office
  • Utility bill like electricity bill, telephone bill etc.;
  • Interest of partners interested in other company or LLP
  • Subscriber sheet
  • Consent from partners to act as designated partner.
  • NOC from Secured creditor
  • Income tax return acknowledgement copy for current financial year
  • Statement showing assets and liabilities true and correct by the auditor
  • LLP agreement



Particulars LLP Private Company
Members Minimum 2 partners Maximum no limit Minimum 2 members Maximum 200 members
Requirement as to maintenance of statutory records No such requirement It is Compulsory to maintain record as per Companies Act 2013
Audit of Accounts Require only if Turn over above 40 lacs or Contribution more than 25 lacs. Audit is Compulsory
Taxation The rate of tax is 30% The rate of tax is 25% subject to turnover.
Loan & borrowings As per LLP Agreement. No other requirements There is Cap for Loans and Borrowings as per section 179 & 180, Require to hold Board Meeting and file form with ROC
Convening of meetings No such requirement Require to hold at least four Board Meetings and One Annual General Meeting.

Private to LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. No, conversion can be taken place only with the old name. Yes of course, after converting into LLP, name can be changed.
Ans. Yes it is mandatory for the Private Company to complete its pending filing with the concern department before converting itself into LLP.
Ans. No, they don’t require to apply for DPIN, their existing DIN No. can be used.