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There was a time when if someone is required to check the documents or forms of the company would be required to apply to concern registrar of company to get certified copies of the document, However, now such process is simplified by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs wherein a person by making a payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees One Hundred only) can have the access to the forms and attachment therein filed with Registrar of companies. However, a person can have the access and download the documents which were uploaded by a particular company on MCA Portal as per the time to time legal requirement. So here it is pertinent to note down that if a person is intending to check accounting of company via making payment Rs. 100/- then the same is not possible as the same is not being uploaded on the MCA Portal.

However, documents are available since 2006 only. Any person who wants documents prior to that date needs to apply for physical documents.
The process to do online inspection of a Company is as follows:
  1. Login to MCA portal.
  2. Go to MCA service, select View Public Document under Documents related Services
  3. After that Search for the company, by filling any one of the option as per convenience:

  4. Select the necessary Form,
 Add the Company to the Cart.
  1. Make the necessary payment. On successful payment, the name of the Company will be reflected under Documents Section in My Workspace Tab.

The Challan is available for a period of 7 days and the same gets automatically disappeared after the expiry of 7 days.The validity of challan is for 3 hours from the first time the documents are accessed. After 3 hours the same is expired and to have access, payment is to be made again. The inspection charge is Rs. 100 for one Company.


Hope the above information is sufficient to give clear idea about downloading the documents from MCA Portal available for public. Still in case you face any issue, please feel free to contact us at complianceship@gmail.com or +91-8010233173.