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Do and don’t’s for DIR 3KYC

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Do and don’t’s for DIR 3KYC

The Ministry, with the intent to have clear hold on the authenticity of the identity of Directors and to protect the interest of the Public at large, has mandated annual KYC of the Directors. The annual KYC of director can be completed only after successfully filing of E-form DIR-3KYC with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This form is to be filed by all the DIN holders whose status of DIN is “Approved” on the last day of the Financial Year i.e. 31st day of the March. The due date for filing of the said E-form DIR-3KYC is 30th June of the following Financial Year. For the Financial Year 2018-19, the last day is 30th June, 2019. Non filing of KYC will de-active the DIN and change the status to “Deactivation of DIN due to non-filing of KYC” and further fees of Rs. 5,000/- shall be levied to remove the disqualification.


  1. DIR-3KYC is the personal responsibility of the Directors.

  2. All personal details like PAN, Aadhar No., Election Card No., Passport No. shall be filed within the above said form.

  3. Personal Email ID belong to the applicant can only be used. Further OTP shall be sent on such Email ID for verification purpose.

  4. Personal Mobile Number belong to the applicant can only be used. Further OTP shall be sent on such mobile number for verification purpose.

  5. ID and Address proof i.e. PAN, Aadhar Card, Election Card, Passport etc. of the Applicant should be self attested. Further such documents shall be crossed signed by the Professionals e.g. practicing CA, CS, & CWA.

  6. Professional shall certify the same after verifying with the original documents only.

  7. Attested documents must be clearly legible and properly scanned.

  8. DIN holder must keep records of all the documents submitted to the professional for filing.

  9. Professional should keep proper records of documents for all the DIN holders whose Form has been certified by them and maintain confidentiality.


  1. Do not believe that KYC of DIN holders is the liability of the Company.

  2. Do not use Email ID of the Company, Employee, Email ID of Directors with Company’s Domain name or Professional.

  3. Do not use Mobile Number allotted by the Company or of the Professional or any other third person.

  4. Professional shall not share such documents/ details with any third person without the approval of the Applicant.

  5. Do not attach ambiguous and hazy documents.

A small effort has been made herein to provide smooth procedure for completion of annual KYC Compliance of the DIN Holders. Its high time to file the Form. This will not only help to complete the compliances on time but will also reduce last moment rush and complications.

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