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LLP Modified Settlement Scheme, 2020 – One Time Opportunity to Make Good All Your Past Defaults

LLP Modified Settlement Scheme, 2020 The Ministry of Corporate Affairs introduced a settlement scheme for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) to allow the delayed filing of forms with an additional fee limit capped at Rs. 5,000/-, effective from 16th March 2020 until 13th June 2020. The scheme aimed to promote compliance among LLPs who failed to [...]

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Registration under Shop & Establishment Act

Introduction Whenever any person is intending to enter into business world he needs to take care lots of things which include preparing business plan, product/ service types, beside this, list of laws which are applicable to the businessman is also needs to be taken care. One of the most important laws which are applicable to [...]

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Non Disclosure Agreement – with proposed Business Buyer

INTRODUCTION Growth is the essential part of every businessman life and every businessman intends to not to limit or restrict himself/ herself to the selected particular field but want to increase its area of operations. Whenever the business of any company grows, they intend to increase their control in the market by taking over other [...]

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Non Disclosure Agreement with Consultant / Professional

INTRODUCTION Every entrepreneur wants his business to grow leaps and bound. And it may not be possible for every related work to be managed in house. Sometimes, the work needs to be performed by some expertise and experienced person. Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to hire some consultant for the same. However, many times, confidential business [...]

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Import Export Code (IEC) – Now get Instant IEC Certificate

INTRODUCTION The continuous effort has been made by the Government of India to improve the status of doing business in India at the international level. This can be seen through the numerous steps and moves taken by the Government to make easy communication between the Stakeholders and Government authority. New Steps taken towards “Ease of [...]

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NDA with Employees – Protect your Business Secrets today….

Introduction Every business has its own ideas and strategy of doing work which may be in the form of inventions, innovations, business models, trade secrets, business acquisition model, communication model, patents etc which help it to grow leaps and bound.  These ideas and strategies need to be shared with Employees, Business Associates, Consultants etc. for [...]

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Commercial Lease Deed – A Place to Work and achieve Dreams

Introduction Each one of us who have a dream to conquer the world through their business, needs to explore new opportunities at different places. It is an important and tough decision to decide the place of business where it is to be established. However purchasing premises for commercial purpose is not easy that too at [...]

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