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File your Income Tax Return without Form 16

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File your Income Tax Return without Form 16

Month of July of every year is the month where everyone in India is busy in filling their Income Tax Return. The last date for filing of Income tax return for Person other than Company and Firms and all person whose books of accounts are liable to tax audit is 31st July. However, this time there is good news that the date of filing of ITR has been extended upto 31st August, 2019.

From the June month, all the salaried person starts approaching their Account and HR Department for their Form 16, which would help them to file their Income Tax Return successfully. However, this time due to extension of time for filling of TDS return for salary, issuance of Form 16 to the Employees has been delayed. Many a time the situation are such that they don’t get their Form 16 within the time period, either due ramp down of the business or employee had left the organization without completing all the exit formalities.

Then in such a scenario, employees are advised not to worry about that, as there are other alternatives which can be used for filing of their Income Tax Return.

Below is the list of information/ documents which can be used while not having Form 16 for filing of ITR:  

Calculate Income from Salary

For all the salaried person, their salary slip, as provided by HR Department, is the main source of information. So it is advisable to all the employees to collect their monthly salary slip in regular manner. With effect from 1 April 2018, complete salary break up details are required to be mentioned in the IT Return. The fields which required to be filed are salary, pension, allowances not exempted, profit in lieu of salary,deduction claimed under section 16 and value of perquisites etc. and the salary slip normally contain all these things.

Further, sometime the companies do not mention the amount of profit in lieu of salary and value of perquisites, in such cases, employees are advised to connect with their HR or Account Department and get the details of the same in writing.

It is further advisable to the employees to make the list of allowances as this help them in reducing their tax liability like transport allowance, HRA, LTA etc. however, while making list, be careful, as some of the allowances are partially exempt and some of are fully.

Cross check TDS amount deducted with Form 26AS

Form 26AS show all the details of TDS deducted. Just like Form 16A gives break of salary paid by the employer along with TDS deducted by the employer, Form 26 show the break up of income booked by the all other party from whom income is earned and the amount of tax paid on our behalf by all such party. It not only shows the TDS deducted on salary of employee but all state other income like TDS on Fixed Deposit (FDs). It is very important to cross check your TDS amount with the amount as shown in the Form 26AS and in case of any discrepancies, the person needs to contact the deductor and get it corrected.

Check Income from Capital Gain

Details of capital gain from the sale of shares, mutual funds need to be calculated after getting the summary account statement from stock Broker. Further in case there is a capital gain from the sale of immovable property then details of such also needs to be considered.

Compute Income from house property 

In case the person is holding any immovable property and getting any rental income from the same, then the details of such rental income also needs to be mentioned under the specified head.

Further, if any person has taken housing loan on any property and paying interest thereon, then such person shall also be entitled to claim deduction on the same.

Compute Income from other sources 

Details of income earn by any person from other sources like interest on bank deposit, interest on income tax refund etc.

Claim all available deductions 

There are various provisions under the Income Tax Act 1961 under which a person can get deductions like section 80C i.e. Life Insurance, Provident Fund, Principal repayment of home loan etc, section 80D i.e. Health Insurance Premium, Preventive health check – up etc. a person can claim deduction under aforesaid sections after showing proper proof in this respect.

Check Income Tax Liability

After getting final taxable income, make the payment of taxes, if any, according to the applicable tax slab and fill the details of the challan through which the payment has been made.

Details of Bank Account

Fill the details of all the Bank Account Number along with their IFSC in your tax return. It is mandatory to mention all your bank account details in the Income Tax return. All refunds, if any will be credited to the bank account mentioned in your return.

File the ITR 

At last click on submit button and don’t forget to e-verify your ITR. Further for more details with respect to verification of ITR, don’t forgot to check our earlier post on 6 Ways to Verify your Income Tax Return.


So after reading the entire Article you can find the way out to filing of IT Return without having form 16. Though it may be difficult but not impossible if the person follows the right steps. In case of still any confusion, do contact compliance for filing of your Income Tax Return. So file your Income Tax return within the stipulated time period i.e. 31 August 2019 or get ready to pay penalty under section 234F of the Income Tax Act 1961.

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