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Information to be shared in Form DPT-3

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Information to be shared in Form DPT-3


Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has recently introduced new modification in the existing rules related to deposits with the object to track the actual status deposit. These new rules have made it mandatory for every company other than Government company to file a one-time return with the Registrar of Companies inform DPT. Form DPT-3 shall be used for filing return of deposit or particulars of a transaction not considered as deposit or both. This one-time return contains the details with respect to outstanding receipt of money or loan by a company but not considered as deposits and is to be filed with the registrar of companies, within 90 days of publication of the notification i.e. 22.01.2019. Under this form, details from 1st April 2014 to 22nd January 2019 needs to be given.

Here the question which is coming into the mind of everyone is that how to file DPT-3 form and what information’s are required to be mentioned, here a small effort has been made by complianceship, wherein we have elaborated the how to file DPT-3:
  1. Details about the company filing the return
  • -Name
  • -Address
  • -Email ID
  • -Nature: Public/Private
  • -Classified as government/ non-government
  • -Objects of the Company
  • -Last date for closing of accounts
  • -Net worth as per the latest audited balance sheet preceding the date of return
  1. Purpose of the form i.e. whether it is filed:
  • -as a return of a deposit
  • -particulars of the transaction not considered as deposits or
  • -both
  1. Details regarding deposits
  • -Total No. of deposit holder
  • -Particulars of deposit:
  • a) at the beginning of the year since April,
  • b) matured/ renewed/ new deposits accepted during the year;
  • c) at the closure of the financial year
  • d) amount of deposit matured but not claimed
  • e) amount of deposit claimed but not paid
  1. Details regarding liquid assets
  1. Details regarding Charge created
  1. Details regarding money outstanding but not considered as deposits in terms of rule 2(1)(c) of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014 as specified in rule 16(A)(3):
  • -Total amount
  • -Classification of a total amount
  1. Any of the following attachments can be attached, if required:
  • -Auditors certificate
  • -Trust deed
  • -Instrument creating charge
  • -List of depositors
  • -Details of liquid assets
  • -Any other attachments, if any
  1. Further note that the form is to be certified by the Company only.
The penalty for false information’s or statement

In case false or wrong information is provided in the form DPT-3, then the person signing the form shall be attracted with the penal provisions of section 448 and 449 of the companies act, 2013 and the rules made thereunder. Which states person shall be punishable with the imprisonment not less than 3 years which may extend up to 7 years or fine which may extend up to 10 lakh Or both.


Hope you got clarity about whether DPT-3 with respect to the filing of DPT-3. In case you need any further clarity on this topic please feel free to contact us at 8010233173 or complianceship@gmail.com and contact@complianceship.com

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